Stop discarding e-waste indiscriminately – Penguang

SIBU: There should not be any reason for the public to dump electronic waste (e-waste) indiscriminately, in view of the availability of many collection centres in Sarawak for such disposal.

Assistant Minister of Local Government Datu Dr Penguang Manggil gave this advice in commenting about a recent incident, where a television set was dumped into a bulk bin near a housing area here.

?There are adequate e-waste collection centres in the state. However, two possibilities could happen ? the ?could-not-care-less? attitude that is still prevalent among Malaysians today; and the public not aware of (the existence of) such centres.

?In this regard, the relevant authorities should expand their promotional/awareness campaigns through various social media,?

Penguang, who is Marudi assemblyman, said as an environmentally-conscious individual, he called upon the public to be civic-minded and help take care of ?Mother Nature?.

A photo, taken prior to the first day of the Chinese New Year, shows a television set dumped into a bulk bin at a neighbourhood in Sibu.

?Strive to ensure that our environment is free from unnecessary pollution due to e-waste and other factors.?

For the record, e-waste also includes heavy metals such as lead and mercury.

?If there was a leakage of these substances into the open, they could cause severe health hazards and pollute the land, water and air.

Additionally, it is estimated that there are over 66 million mobile phones in Malaysia alone.

These phones, alongside computer tablets, USB drives and other kinds of electronic devices can become dangerous to the environment if the means of disposal are not handled properly.

When no longer in use, these devices must be properly disposed of.

Still, many users would just throw them into dustbins. These discarded devices, in turn, would then end up in landfills where the metals and other potentially-hazardous materials inside them would leak ? polluting the environment.

Source: The Borneo Post

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