Sarawak Bomba flooding forest to contain fire in Kuala Baram

MIRI: Sarawak Fire and Rescue Department firefighters are using huge mechanical pumps to draw water in order to “create” floods to contain the forest fires in Kuala Baram district in northern Sarawak.

Bomba Miri and Bomba Lopeng stations have deployed dozens of personnel plus their mobile pumps and are working 24 hours non-stop to snuff out the hot spots.

So far, the plan seemed to be working and there are signs that the peat-fires are being contained, said Miri Fire Chief Supt Law Poh Kiong on Wednesday (April 17).

“We have set up hydro substations to suck up water from any water sources on the ground to flood the fires that have burned into the peat-soil.

“There are positive indications that this method is working in dousing the underground fires,” he told reporters in Miri.

Supt Law said the haze was not as thick as the day before.

Firefighters are focusing on the big fire on a plantation land in Kuala Baram that had burned beyond the 100ha mark on Tuesday (April 16).

The firefighters are also getting help from voluntary firefighting units from private companies in Kuala Baram to help out.
Source: The Star

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