PPB Casting Petros As The Rock to Knock Petronas Out of Sarawak For Personal Interest Again?

The word Petros is from the original Greek and Coptic version of the name Peter, one of the apostles of Jesus. Fast forward 2000 years and Parti Pesaka Bumiputera and allies in GPS believe Petros will be the rock that knocks Petronas out of Sarawak.  

If our state history is anything to go by Petros will turn out to be just like all those multitudes of monopolistic Sarawak companies that are owned and controlled by the select few. One cannot buy cement or steel in Sarawak without the Cahaya Mata Sarawak Cement Industries label on it. Similarly the generation and supply of electricity is controlled by Sarawak Energy led by Hamed Sapawi.

Taib?s cousin

While Lina Soo (who?) is shouting for support among my fellow sadly ignorant Sarawakians, nobody is asking the crucial question. What is Petros? track record so far and what exactly is its plan for our Oil & Gas future?  

Petros which just celebrated its 1st birthday is helmed by Saau Kakok (who?) and one of its ventures so far has been an MOU signed with Oman?s Petrotel to assist the company should it intend to invest in Sarawak (which has since lapsed).  

Since being appointed CEO, Brother Saau has NOT held a single press conference or shared ANY plans what Petros has done or intends to do. The board is made up of mostly ex-Petronas Sarawakians who learned all they know from mentors including Hassan Marican. Chairman of the board in Brother Bugo ? our former State Sec and now Board Member of Sapura Energy??  

What is going on in Petros? Who does it report to? What is its operational budget each year? What is the mandate or its objective?  

The rationale that Petros will help deliver more revenue and obtain increased royalties from licensing and regulating O&G in Sarawak is a complete sham. As I understand, the subject of royalties are governed by Act of Parliament and not company contracts. Petros will simply act as a gatekeeper adding an additional layer of costs and cronies that will take away from Sarawak again, rather than contribute anything meaningful to state revenue to benefit my fellow Sarawakians.  

There may come a time when petrol and diesel sold in Sarawak can only be bought from one supplier ? Petros and you can bet it will cost more than what you are currently paying, because of the cream that will have to paid to cronies from the ruling GPS.  

I am extremely frustrated – Sarawak?s leaders are repeating their habit for wresting control of our vast natural resources in a very bad way. Sarawak?s depleted forests, rivers and wildlife are testimony to our leaders? innate ability to be destructive for personal interests ? a Black Midas where very touch turns to decay.  

I want to see all our brothers ? my fellow Sarawakians prosper. Get into high paying jobs in O&G, its support services eco-system and other downstream activities.  

I feel Petros is indeed a rock cast by PPB and its allies. Sadly, I feel it’s a rock that will fling back and hit the people of Sarawak squarely on the face. That is not S4S ? Sukses4Sarawak.

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