Petronas introduces mobile refuelling service that delivers fuel directly to you

Petronas has introduced Rovr and it?s Malaysia?s first mobile refuelling service. Essentially, it is like a petrol station on wheels and it provides greater convenience for both businesses and everyday drivers.

Rovr has been serving commercial customers (B2B) as a pilot since October 2018 and they have delivered over one million litres of fuel. According to Petronas Dagangan Berhad CEO, Datuk Seri Syed Zainal Abidin, they have received positive feedback from their B2B customers and they are ready to cater to more. For businesses that own vans and trucks, this is an effective and convenient way to refuel the entire fleet.

Rovr for business

All you?ll need to do is to schedule an appointment and they will send their Rovr Ranger team to refuel your vehicles on location. Once it?s done, you can pay with your SmartPay card. This solution can solve a major pain point for truck drivers since there are petrol stations that have limitations for large commercial vehicles.

Rovr currently has one 4,000-litre capacity and three 11,000-litre capacity trucks for commercial customers. According to Petronas, the Rovr fuel trucks are guaranteed safe and certified for fuel delivery and dispensing, and it meets the stringent health, safety, security and environmental (HSSE) requirements stipulated by the national authorities and regulatory bodies. Each truck is equipped with sensors to monitor vital information and to maintain operational safety throughout the duration of the service.

Rovr will soon embark on a pilot programme for end-consumers using a 3,000-litre capacity truck. ? SoyaCincau pic
Rovr will soon embark on a pilot programme for end-consumers using a 3,000-litre capacity truck.

Rovr for consumers

Rovr will soon embark on a pilot programme for end-consumers using a 3,000-litre capacity truck. Instead of going straight to you, Rovr will station their truck at local hotspots where users can refuel at their own convenience. According to Petronas, the B2C service will deliver Petronas? Primax 95 with Pro-Drive at high-traffic hotspots to expand its coverage area beyond its existing network of Petronas stations.

Unlike a conventional petrol station, all you?ll need to do is to park your vehicle besides the Rovr truck and pop-up the fuel cover. The Rovr Ranger will refuel for you so you don?t even need to get out from your car.

According to Rovr?s website, consumers can choose how they want to pay and they can still earn points with their Mesra card. We are guessing there could be an app that?s similar to Setel which allows you to pay and collect Mesra points right from your smartphone. An app would make more sense as you would need to locate the nearest Rovr truck.

At the time of writing, there are no details yet for its pilot programme and we?ve reached out to Rovr for more info. Petronas also says that are expanding Rovr services nationwide and they will setup up more refuelling sites by end of this year.

Source: Malay Mail

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