Only Sarawakians for Petronas? jobs in Sarawak?

The Government of Sarawak, one of two Malaysian states on the island of Borneo, has introduced a moratorium on all new applications for Petronas positions in the state. However, if an applicant is a Sarawakian, the moratorium does not apply, The Borneo Post has informed.

The newspaper has quoted the state?s deputy chief minister Amar Douglas Uggah Embas,?who said?that the moratorium was imposed ?to ensure that Petronas would be fair and transparent in engaging with Sarawak regarding its operations in the state.?

The Borneo Post drew a question of a potential retaliation by the oil company which could ?call back? Sarawakians in the middle and top positions in Peninsular Malaysia and overseas. Uggah Embas said it would be a childish ?tit for tat? move, which would do Petronas more harm than good.


Malaysian oil giant Petronas, running oil and gas fields offshore Sarawak, has expressed concern with the decision to ban ?outsiders? from applying for Petronas? jobs in Sarawak.

The company said that the decision, announced over the weekend, might have been made based on the misperception that Petronas? recent group-wide business restructuring had unfairly impacted its employees from Sarawak.

The oil and gas firm has assured that Sarawak “remains a key investment state for Petronas, were its workforce will continue to grow”.

Furthermore, Petronas said that the majority of the workforce required to meet the new manpower demand will constitute Sarawakians, as per existing recruitment practices. While Sarawakians seem to be very much included in Petronas? employment plans, the company said that number of positions is expected to be filled by experienced employees, which may include non-Sarawakians.

?Key to the successful delivery and operations of PETRONAS? projects in the State is the support and commitment from all relevant parties, most important of whom are PETRONAS? teams of qualified, trained and dedicated employees ? no matter where they are from,? Petronas said.

The company said it would continue working with Sarawak State Government?s officials to address State?s concerns with regards to PETRONAS? manpower requirement in Sarawak.

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