Petronas brings mural project to Lundu schools

?Paint Your Mural? a project under the Trust School Programme by Petronas in collaboration with Yayasan Amir has successfully reached out to five schools in Sarawak with about 2,600 students.

This project to bring transformation, replicable and equitable change of public schools started in 2016 at SMK Lundu, SK Siar Campuran, SK Sampadi, SK Bumiputera and SK Stunggang Melayu ? all in the Lundu district.

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Some 153 students of SK Bumiputera participated in the ?Paint Your Mural? for two days from Sept 19-20 with help from a local graffiti-artist Dewi Mio. They painted a mural themed ?Future Leaders? on the wall of their school?s main hall.

They also did batik painting facilitated by Galeri Petronas and conducted science experiment entitled ?Bagaimana Minyak Terbentuk?.

These activities were designed to instill awareness and arouse interest in Science, Technology, Mathematics and Engineering (STEM).

In August this year, more than 100 students of SK Sampadi also painted murals on their school walls.

Last year, more than 300 students from SK Siar Campuran, SMK Lundu and SK Stunggang Melayu also painted murals in their respective schools and took part in science talk and creative arts activities.

Petronas contributes towards educational and human capital development in Sarawak through Petronas Education Sponsorship Programme (PESP), Programme Budi MRSM-Petronas and Programme Sentuhan Ilmu Petronas (PSIP).

To date, Petronas has sponsored 689 Sarawak students under its PESP and another 1,054 under the PSIP since 2003.

Under its Vocational Institution Sponsorship & Training Assistance (VISTA) programme, Petronas has also sponsored more than 1,097 trainees since 2007 to undergo vocational training at four technical institutions in Sarawak ? Centre of Technical Excellence (Centex) Sarawak, Sarawak Skills Development Centre (PPKS), Industrial Training Institute (ILP) Miri and National Youth Skills Institute (IKBN) Miri.

Bakip presents RM50,000 in tithes to needy students

The Petronas Muslim Welfare Association (Bakip) handed out RM50,000 in tithes to 200 needy students recently.

The tithes were collected from Petronas? Muslim staff.

Each of the 56 recipients, from hardcore poor families in Kuching, received a school bag and stationery worth RM85, as well as RM165 in cash.

?Petronas understands that we cannot move forward without education, so we see how they tirelessly invest in the education sector.

?Education is not owned by the Education Department. We all should take ownership of it. We must all care. Education is the only way to change lives,? state education director Rakayah Madon said in her speech.

Petronas Sarawak general manager Shamsur Taha said Petronas is committed to improving the quality of education in Sarawak.

?Since 2010, we invested around RM400 million to support education and the development of human capital in Sarawak. This is done through our Corporate Social Investment programme carried out by our headquarters and operation units in Bintulu and Miri,? Shamsur said in a speech read by Petronas public affairs manager Rhymie Rashidie Ibrahim.

Last year, 46 Sarawakian students went on to pursue their education in renowned universities locally and abroad under the Petronas Education Sponsorship Programme.

Petronas is also working with Majlis Amanah Rakyat (Mara) to financially help outstanding students from underprivileged families to study at Mara Junior Science Colleges (MRSM) in Sarawak, as well as building a new MRSM in Bintulu.

Borneo Post

#Fake news

This is why we still need the fake news act.

I hope Facebook takes action against the person who posted this message for insinuating that Petronas was linked to the incident. The incident is tragic and the people and families involved should not be trivialized. Stating that it happened in Terengganu on a Petronas rig is untrue and malicious.

The incident happened in the Persian Gulf and involved an Iranian platform in the Persian Gulf in 2013 and this is the video. -?Ngajat Sarawak

Pelantar minyak diluar pantai Terengganu tenggelam.

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Supporting English proficiency for progress

Oil and gas giant continues to bolster up language learning opportunities for Terengganu students

THE Transforming English in Terengganu (Trenglish) programme is a testament to how coordinated effort and long-term persistence can bring about change and success.

In an environment where the only language you need in order to survive is Bahasa Malaysia, it was indeed a mammoth undertaking for Petronas when the oil and gas company decided to support the programme in collaboration with the state education department and Yayasan Terengganu in 2015. The Trenglish programme objective is to improve English proficiency among Terengganu students.

Looking back, English proficiency among Terengganu students has definitely improved over the past years.

?Now, they are able to communicate confidently in English.

?Some of them made such great improvements that they are now able to compete in state and national level English language competitions such as debates, drama and storytelling.

?These achievements, in turn, have inspired other students and schools to excel in the language,? said Petronas East Coast regional office head Wan Hasnan Wan Abdullah.

Petronas has been sponsoring Trenglish-related activities including the Trenglish camps, providing allowances for the programme?s facilitators, as well as reading materials such as newspapers and magazines.

This included a sponsorship worth RM150,000 of The Star?s Newspaper-in-Education (NiE) pullouts for the second year.

The pullouts, which comes with a copy of the newspaper, is written by a team of experienced English language specialists. It is packed with engaging hands-on newspaper activities for the classroom.

As supplements to Petronas? sponsorship, four NiE workshops were planned to bolster the use of newspapers in class.

The first two workshops ? one for educators and one for students ? were held at SM Imtiaz Yayasan Terengganu Kuala Terengganu.

Conducted by Star-NiE freelance consultant trainer Anna Cherubin, the NiE workshops were attended by 90 participants including English teachers, THELP (Terengganu Hired English Language Personnel) and students from schools in the vicinity.

Present at the event was Terengganu state education department English language head assistant director Wan Zuraidi Che Wan Zaid.

He reminded teachers to use the newspaper as part of the Highly Immersive Progamme (HIP).

?The newspapers are suitable for learning in and out of the classroom.

?There has been encouraging feedback from teachers. Some use the newspapers frequently to supplement their language lessons. Students are also more interested in learning English.

?I would advise teachers to keep using the newspaper as a medium for using English. We have to give students the latest information to gain their attention. The textbook provides a guideline and scope of the curriculum but we need to use current materials too ? and the newspaper is the best source for that. Since Petronas has made it readily available, teachers should take the opportunity to use it,? he said.

?I really appreciate what Petronas is doing by sponsoring the newspaper. It is a really good move as many studies revealed that using the newspaper in learning English as a second language is beneficial,? Wan Zuraidi added.

Teacher Siti Sarah Rusof from SMK Tengku Mizan Zainal Abidin said that the sponsorship has widened her options for language resources.

?Having to read from the newspaper is something terrifying to my students. When I use it in class, it helps them realise that the newspaper is actually readable.

?The newspaper sparks their interest in what?s happening. If it?s hard reading the whole article, I tell them to just read the captions. From there, they will explore the newspaper on their own,? she added.

For teacher Zulaika Iliyas and THELP Faten Nurul Asyikin Bermawi from SK Pulau Redang, the sponsored newspapers are a blessing as the school has no Internet.

?We can do so much with the newspapers. We work with current information ? that is why I like using the newspaper. The newspaper is something different and it attracts pupils? attention. This sponsorship also exposes them to an English daily,? said Faten Nurul Asyikin.

THELP Ahmad Hilmi Abd Rashid from the host school said that the workshop lent him new ideas to implement in his classes.

?The activities help expand the students? vocabulary.

?They also inculcate reading habits. In the beginning, students were reluctant to open and read the newspaper. I always had to prompt them. Now I see that the newspaper is always open and ready on their tables. I can see that they enjoy reading nowadays,? he said.

SMK Chung Hwa Wei Form Two student Sin Shanti Kumar said that she enjoyed the workshop.

?It was quite fun! We were taught the different parts and elements of the newspaper.

?I could find a lot of information from reading the newspaper and I gained more knowledge. The activities were also out-of-the-box. Moreover, I enjoyed meeting new friends from other schools,? she said.

Agreeing, Form Two student Ahmad Abdurahman from SMK Sultan Ahmad said that he too enjoyed the session.

?Workshops like these encourage us to speak up and not be shy. It?s fun and we learn new things. I hope that many more of these sessions will be held. We need to improve our English as we will need it when we go to the university,? he added.

With 33 issues per year, the 12-page NiE pullout presents activities divided into elementary, intermediate and advanced levels to suit students? English language proficiency.

The pullout is also syllabus-based and endorsed by the Education Ministry.

PPB Casting Petros As The Rock to Knock Petronas Out of Sarawak For Personal Interest Again?

The word Petros is from the original Greek and Coptic version of the name Peter, one of the apostles of Jesus. Fast forward 2000 years and Parti Pesaka Bumiputera and allies in GPS believe Petros will be the rock that knocks Petronas out of Sarawak.  

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Petronas contributes greatly to workforce development in Sarawak

KUCHING: The cordial relationship with Petronas has been benefiting the state?s workforce over the years.

Chief Minister Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Openg said he was pleased to see that today, 82 per cent of Petronas? various operations across Sarawak are filled by Sarawakians, with many holding very senior positions including those throughout Petronas Global Operations. These, he noted, are key indications that the people of Sarawak should take heed.

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Petronas always committed to enhancing quality of learning: Senior GM

MIRI: Petronas remains committed to developing the quality of learning in public schools in its drive towards education transformation and the development of human capital in the state.

Towards this purpose, it had sponsored five schools in Lundu District through Sekolah Amanah programme in 2015 to promote academic excellence, Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd (PCSB) senior general manager Anuar Ismail said.

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Only Sarawakians for Petronas? jobs in Sarawak?

The Government of Sarawak, one of two Malaysian states on the island of Borneo, has introduced a moratorium on all new applications for Petronas positions in the state. However, if an applicant is a Sarawakian, the moratorium does not apply, The Borneo Post has informed.

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Sarawak at “full employment” category: Richard Riot

SERIAN: Sarawak currently has 1.2 million workforce with an unemployment rate of 3.3% compared to the national rate of 3.5%, said Human Resources Minister Datuk Seri Richard Riot Jaem (pix).

He said although the national unemployment rate was below four per cent, it was considered as “full employment”, and the government would continue to work on various initiatives and programmes to provide employment opportunities to job seekers.

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Do something about high unemployment rate, says SWP

SIBU: Sarawak Workers Party (SWP) has proposed retraining schemes to address high youth unemployment in the state.

SWP vice-president Daveed Munan said Labour Department statistics showed that in 2016, the number of unemployed between the ages of 18 and 40 years was 41,900.

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